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Scaling Sustainable Agriculture Programs with CIBO

The CIBO Programs Engine equips organizations to rapidly develop, deliver and manage all types of practice incentive, regeneration and carbon programs for their growers. Whether reducing Scope 3 emissions, generating carbon offsets, paying for practice changes, or sourcing regenerative or low carbon intensity grain, the CIBO Programs Engine simplifies the process for sponsors and growers alike.

4 Key Types of CIBO Programs:

  1. Carbon—Carbon credits, carbon offsets and Scope 3 reductions
  2. Practice—Paying growers to adopt new practices such as cover cropping or reducing tillage
  3. Certification—Certifying sustainably grown crops
  4. Grower Recruitment—Sourcing growers who meet specific criteria

Carbon Programs 

Partners can leverage CIBO’s Verra project to enroll growers and generate credits. Verra’s globally trusted methodologies for creating and verifying carbon credits create environmental and social value with confidence. Verra represents the highest level of agricultural carbon credits and is universally accepted.

Practice Programs 

CIBO helps food, feed and fuel producers identify and source low-carbon commodities by enabling buyers and processors to create and manage incentive programs for regenerative farmers. Easily find, recruit and enroll growers in your programs. Simplify the qualification and enrollment process for your grower network.

Certification Programs 

Using CIBO, organizations can model and track progress as growers implement practice changes. With confirmation, measurement and reporting companies can certify the sustainable development of effective carbon reduction policies in the field.

Grower Recruitment Programs 

CIBO helps companies source growers who are already implementing regenerative practices. The platform provides easy enrollment for growers in incentive programs to reduce your total carbon emissions, make your supply chain more sustainable and report on results.


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