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Recorded Webinar: How Certifications and Technology are Scaling the Adoption of Regenerative Ag for Growers


Businesses and growers are increasingly interested in reducing their carbon footprint. However, figuring out where to start and what technologies to use can be confusing. Watch our recorded webinar with Leading Harvest CEO and President Kenny Fahey to hear how his organization is helping farmers scale regenerative agriculture to capture carbon in the soil and increase their bottom lines while improving the environment.

We’ll cover:

  • Benefits to growers for starting regenerative farming
  • Why regenerative agriculture is vital to help mitigate climate change
  • How certifications and technology is helping scale the adoption of regenerative agriculture


About Leading Harvest 

Leading Harvest is a newly formed nonprofit organization at the vanguard of advancing sustainable agriculture, providing assurance programs consisting of standards, audit procedures, training and education, and reporting and claim offerings that are optimized for flexibility, scalability, and impact.

Leading Harvest is a concept that began in 2017. The goal was a group of land managers and non-profit organizations came together to build a better certification for regenerative agriculture. The group did a benchmarking initiative and the need we saw was that while there are a number of fantastic programs that are crop, geography or regional specific, there was a gap for an overall regenerative farming certification. They saw the need for a single certification across regenerative farming that was crop agnostic. The goal is to harmonize across agriculture to provide consistency about what sustainability means across the supply chain.

They then drafted their farmland standard certification. The team workshopped the program and got feedback from stakeholders and decided to take that key certification program and housed it in its own non-profit. They did that to provide training and education programs with the standard.