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Recorded Webinar: Exploring Carbon Credits for Land Management


CIBO partnered with Peoples Company, the nationally-recognized land transaction and advisory firm, making them the first land management company to offer carbon credits. CIBO hosted a webinar featuring CIBO CEO Dan Ryan and Dave Muth of Peoples Company, where they discussed the plans for the partnership. They discussed the future of carbon markets for land management and investors, scaling regenerative agriculture, and had a live Q&A from the audience. 

“The fundamental reality is these practices being implemented will create long term value for the asset both in terms of annual cash returns and appreciation on those assets.” –David Muth

CIBO and Peoples Company are working together to offer carbon credits on more than 20,000 acres of managed land. By focusing on sustainable farmland management, Peoples Company is leading the way in providing economically and environmentally sustainable incentives to growers and owners of cropland in the U.S.

“On one hand, [CIBO] is making it accessible, easy to use for growers and [providing] annual return and, on the other hand, making it science-based and robust. That is the balance we are trying to strike as we deliver the program to partners like Peoples.” –Dan Ryan

Here are the key questions covered in the panel discussion:

  • What exactly is the transactional value of farmland for investors?
  • How do the new awareness around climate resiliency, regenerative agriculture and carbon markets impact CIBO and Peoples Company?
  • Do you think the certification and verification of carbon are going to accelerate?
  • What will defer a landlord and a tenant from trying to register and sell the same unit of carbon? How is the program policed to ensure multiple buyers don’t purchase the same parcel? 
  • How is Peoples Company planning on implementing regenerative practices on land managed by them?
  • Is the agriculturally focused CIBO model able to be applied to other habitats such as forests or pastures?
  • How are some of the big agriculture companies approaching regenerative agriculture?
  • What is next for CIBO and Peoples Company?

Meet the Panelists! 

Our CEO Dan Ryan is a software and technology executive with over 30 years of experience who brings a strong background in product and market strategy, business development, and M&A to CIBO. He holds a BS in math and economics from the University of Minnesota. He is currently Chairman of Absolute Software, a leader in Endpoint Resilience security solutions with revenues in excess of $100M. He joined as a director in June 2011 and was appointed Chairman of the Board in December 2013. 

Dr. David Muth is a partner with Alternative Equity Advisors, the asset management arm of Peoples Company. Alternative Equity Advisors supports third-party clients in taking direct ownership of agricultural assets across the US. David is a partner in his family farming operation in North Central Iowa. He is trained as a mechanical engineer receiving his Ph.D. from Iowa State University. David co-founded AgSolver, Inc. in 2013, an ag technology start-up company building computational methods to deliver land management strategies that maximize operating profit and sustainability outcomes in agricultural systems.

Watch the Webinar