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Recorded Webinar: CIBO Crop ID: Scaling Annual Crop Tracking Across the US

Each year, the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service publishes the Cropland Data Layer (CDL), which is used to estimate the amount of major commodities grown throughout the U.S. What if this data could be accessed faster and more precisely? That’s where CIBO comes in. CIBO has combined our computer vision and AI capabilities with an innovative machine learning approach to identify cropland cover with greater accuracy, resolution, and up to 5 months sooner than USDA.

We’ll cover:

  • What is CIBO Crop ID and why is it important
  • How CIBO Crop ID helps deliver important insights for CIBO Impact users
  • A demonstration of the platform capability


  • Shane Bussmann, Senior Data Scientist, Ph.D.
  • Karen Olsen, Computer Vision Scientist, Ph.D.