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Partner with CIBO on Your Journey to Carbon Neutral

CIBO helps organizations discover how sustainable farming practices reduce the impact their business has on the environment. CIBO translates these practices into carbon offsets, supply chain emissions reductions, verified sustainable ingredients and more. CIBO helps partners in the food and ag value chain efficiently develop, deliver and scale customized grower-facing carbon incentive programs.

Leveraging CIBO Impact, our science-based software platform, partners are able to manage, monitor, and verify sustainability practices in the supply chain or shed. The platform is built on advanced ecosystem simulation, AI, computer vision and software technologies, and provides these capabilities at scale to help growers enroll their fields quickly and easily.

Partners typically fall into the following categories:

CIBO Program Sponsors

Program Sponsors develop incentive programs to syndicate to CIBO’s Grower Network. Achieve unmatched reach into the grower and ag enterprise ecosystem.

Platform Partners

Platform Partners develop and deliver incentive programs to their growers using a white-labeled version of the CIBO Impact Platform.

Grower Network Partners

Grower Network Partners deploy a white-labeled version of CIBO Impact at no cost and agree to syndicate incentive programs to their growers from CIBO, Program Sponsors or Platform Partners. Grower Network Partners earn a per-acre fee for enrolled acres.

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