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How These 4 Enterprise Brands are Revolutionizing Their Industries

Trinity Packaging Supply is streamlining the shipping process. ADP created an emergency savings fund for users suffering from financial stress. CIBO Impact wants to help companies further grasp their role in the climate crisis—and to mitigate it. Smartsheet not only put itself on the map at some largest sporting events of the year but also the STEM organizations it partnered with through its Sponsor X initiative.

Meet the four companies that are improving the efficiency and efficacy of their respective industries:


As a payroll provider that pays more than 40 million employees around the globe, ADP plays no small role in the working world. To address concerns about financial well-being, ADP took action to provide resources at both a company and individual level. Last year, the business launched ADP Pay Insights, which offers companies a free monthly wage report that uses payroll transactions to inform companies, governments, and the public about wage- and labor-related data. Aware that many individuals have suffered from higher-than-normal financial stress in recent months, the company offered users the option to distribute part of their paycheck into an emergency savings fund using its myWisely app to assuage this anxiety. Over the last 12 months, more than $1.2 billion has been deposited.


In the midst of a worsening climate crisis, CIBO’s services have never been more crucial for businesses interested in tracking and lowering their impact on the planet. Using CIBO Impact, the company’s software platform, other brands are able to manage their sustainability commitments and decarbonize their supply chains through regenerative agriculture, carbon farming, and carbon sequestration practices. To expand the ability for companies to participate in sustainable initiatives, last year CIBO introduced a Carbon Bridge Program that offers farmers a financial incentive to engage in regenerative agriculture through a pay-for-practice structure.


Known as a software service facilitating communication and teamwork, Smartsheet brought diversity and inclusivity to the sports world with Sponsor X, which bolstered STEM organizations at some of the most-watched Formula 1 and NHL events. At the Australian Grand Prix, the company highlighted the first-ever Indigenous-run organization on the Formula 1 track and in the United States helped put the first Black nonprofit on a Formula 1 car. One brand that Smartsheet partnered with—Australian education organization DeadlyScience—saw a 400% increase in donations after its involvement in Sponsor X.


Trinity is revolutionizing the packaging industry. The brand is making shipping an easier task than ever before with its SupplyStream e-commerce platform, which it built last year. An extensive database of hundreds of suppliers allows Trinity to sift through the numbers and create a streamlined catalog that gives users information such as the fairest prices and fastest lead times based on shipping ZIP codes.

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