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How Technology Can Scale Regenerative Agriculture

CIBO has delivered the first scalable technology infrastructure for advancing regeneration and understanding agricultural systems. The CIBO platform applies proprietary data science algorithms and AI modeling to remotely sensed data, and is backed by some of the best minds in the agricultural industry. It’s powerful, high-performing—and also incredibly easy to use.

The mechanistic crop and environment model that CIBO uses for simulations is called SALUS (system approach for land use sustainability). Developed at Michigan State University by CIBO co-founder Bruno Basso, the model has been the subject of 20 years of testing across hundreds of fields in 46 countries, more than 25 PhD dissertations, over 230 peer-reviewed journal articles, and thousands of academic citations.

With this technology, CIBO is able to provide enterprises the first scalable, productized platform for understanding agricultural systems. The core capabilities of the platform are the ability to monitor, verify and report on Scope 3 emission reductions through regenerative agriculture.