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How CIBO Builds Climate-Resilient Food Systems

Consumers care about the climate. They desire products that are regeneratively grown and sustainably sourced. From grains to plant-based alternative proteins, consumers are savvy about how their purchasing choices affect climate change.

To meet this demand, brands and businesses across the supply chain can connect with growers to source regenerative crops, deliver sustainability incentives, and produce science-based verification of climate-friendly farming practices.

Here is how CIBO Enterprise can help:

  1. Identify and recruit sustainable growers.
  2. Verify regenerative practices that are eligible for incentives like cover cropping, low/no-till, crop rotation, and input reduction.
  3. Offer pricing premiums for sustainably-grown ingredients.
  4. Promote climate resilience across the entire supply chain.
  5. Monitor, verify, and report, at scale, on the implementation of regenerative practices, programs, and incentives.

Learn more about how to incorporate CIBO’s breakthrough approach to scaling and accelerating regenerative agriculture into your business.

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