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Help CIBO become the BOLDest AgriTech company!

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We’re honored to be nominated for the BOLDest AgriTech company! Since its beginning in 2019, BOLD Awards has continually adapted to align with emerging trends and technologies and to ensure that categories represent the depth and breadth of the digital economy.

This award recognizes agritech related initiatives that have real-world outcomes that benefit agriculture and food production. Entries are welcome from agritech startups and companies with innovations in farms, food packaging or processing, distribution, nutrition, transparency and traceability.

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CIBO has developed a breakthrough approach to scaling and accelerating regenerative agriculture: a software platform called CIBO Impact.

Regenerative agriculture practices like no-till and cover cropping build climate-resilient soils and support stable food systems. But despite the proven effectiveness of these practices, adoption continues to be slow. Up-front costs for implementing new regenerative practices in the first few years can outweigh potential profits for growers, and earning and selling carbon credits require extensive monitoring, verification, and reporting (MVR) capabilities not readily accessible to all growers and enterprises.

Launched Q4 2022, CIBO Impact helps growers and enterprises develop, deploy and manage sustainability programs that combine advanced, science-based, ecosystem modeling, AI enhanced computer vision, MVR capabilities, and the most complete programs engine to connect growers, enterprises and ecosystems, all of which are integrated into CIBO’s platform.

Through CIBO Impact, CIBO creates visibility of the carbon footprint of entire supply chains and supply sheds. Businesses are able to find and enroll growers, while creating, managing and growing incentive programs—like pay-for-practice, price premiums, and carbon farming—that help solve climate change and restore the land.

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