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From Parcel to County to State: How CIBO Scales Weather Data

How do you evaluate a parcel of land — and its future crop yield per acre — if it’s hundreds of miles away?

Predicting crop yields involves evaluating land potential using multiple data layers, including satellite imagery, weather, soil, parcel records, and more. CIBO incorporates proprietary machine learning and AI, as well as our subject matter expertise in soil, weather, and agronomy, to predict yields for current and future growing seasons on scales from a sub-field to the continental United States — and beyond. CIBO’s unique capabilities allow for comparisons and experiments to be done across many different potential weather and management scenarios.

CIBO’s deep analysis combines everything from soil composition and crop history to seasonal weather predictions and land sustainability. The bottom line: we offer county-by-county yield forecasts and data for millions of acres, from individual parcels to entire areas across the United States. This capability provides farmers, owners, and operators with more detailed, decision-ready agricultural insights.

We designed CIBO to help users understand how different factors can impact the predictions of yield and maturity date on any given parcel. Users can customize results by editing inputs in the calculator or clicking Calculate Results with default values based on regionally common farming practices. By inputting their own specific data, users can see the impact of different weather on yields and maturity date.

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