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CIBO Technologies to equip biofuels producers with platform to source regeneratively-grown feedstock

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June 11, 2024

By Meghan Sapp

In Minnesota, CIBO Technologies, the climate software company for agriculture, has joined the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association to equip biofuels producers with an end-to-end technology platform that helps source and facilitate low-carbon feedstocks from growers using regenerative practices.

Joining the IRFA will allow CIBO to better reach organizations involved in renewable fuel production, standards advocacy, and policy recommendation. With CIBO Impact, biofuel producers can identify, incentivize, and source low-carbon feedstocks by:

· Taking advantage of the 40B/45Z tax credit by scaling regenerative agriculture programs

· Modeling the total carbon intensity and GHG emissions of crops in renewable fuels supply sheds

· Recruiting growers already producing low-carbon feedstocks

· Deploying, verifying and managing incentive programs to produce low-carbon intensity yields

· Monitoring the status of regenerative programs for carbon reduction and tax credit application