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CIBO Technologies Submits First U.S.-Based Carbon Project

CIBO, the science-based technology company that provides partners with a complete platform to manage ag carbon and nature-based climate programs, today announced the acceptance of their Project Description Document (PDD) to Verra entitled “The CIBO Initiative for Scaling Regenerative Agriculture.” The PDD was submitted under Verra Carbon Standard VM0042.

Verra is the global leader in voluntary carbon market quality assurance. They have developed over 200 greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and sequestration standards, known as methodologies. Each standard can be used to develop programs that create meaningful environmental and social value with high quality and confidence.

The CIBO Initiative for Scaling Regenerative Agriculture is the first project under VM0042 to be submitted and listed in the pipeline in the United States and the first to be listed as “Under Validation” globally.

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