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CIBO Technologies Releases CarbonLab™ and New User Experience Enhancements To Its Enterprise Platform

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. and MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., November 16, 2021 – CIBO, the science-based technology company that supports growers and enterprises on their journey to regenerative agriculture, today announced the availability of CIBO CarbonLab™ and the addition of automatically generated management practice history to CIBO Enterprise customers. Together these enhancements help companies forecast, track and report on their Scope 3 goals, and manage regenerative incentive programs for their grower networks.

CIBO’s all new CarbonLab is part of CIBO Enterprise and is immediately available to new and existing users of the CIBO Enterprise platform. Businesses and enterprises can now see the carbon footprint of their entire agricultural supply chain, from individual parcels to fields to entire portfolios of land even across county, region and state boundaries. Enterprises with ESG goals and Scope 3 emissions reduction targets are able to use CIBO CarbonLab to forecast, track and report on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and CO2 under different management practices, including actual practice history.

Using CIBO’s patented on-demand simulation and modeling capability, users run regenerative management scenarios through CarbonLab and evaluate them against different baselines including conventional practices, actual practices —which come from CIBO’s award-winning monitoring, verification and reporting (MVR) capabilities—and custom practices, which are what-if scenarios supplied by the end user.

Businesses are better able to monitor ongoing regenerative and sustainable practices across their supply chain while simultaneously using the insights to design grower-specific incentive programs that will further scale the adoption and effectiveness of regenerative farming practices.

“CIBO continues to raise the bar for user experience and innovation,” said Daniel Ryan, chief executive officer, CIBO. “Markets, enterprises and consumers are creating more demand for products that come with assurances they were produced responsibly. With this release of CIBO CarbonLab and enhancements to CIBO Enterprise, businesses have greater visibility into what has happened and what will happen in the future when it comes to regeneration, carbon sequestration and soil health.”

In addition to CarbonLab, the new release of CIBO Enterprise now automatically generates four years of detected management practice history with its AI-based remote sensing and computer vision capability. Practice history now includes:

  • Cash crops and crop rotation history
  • Cover crop detection
  • Tillage practice

This information can be used to determine eligibility for sustainable and regenerative incentive programs as well as carbon credit and carbon farming programs. Detected practice history is also fed back into CarbonLab and used to establish observed baseline practices and historical carbon footprints for each field.

CIBO Enterprise also adds several new features including push and popup in-season notifications of cash or cover crop emergence; improved, seasonal field-boundary mapping; and drawing, which greatly enhances user experience in creating and claiming fields. Accurate field boundaries and definitions are necessary for complete and reliable forecasts for yield, carbon sequestration, incentive verification, and carbon footprint calculations.

About CIBO

Founded by Flagship Pioneering in 2015, CIBO applies advanced technologies to deliver a deep understanding of agricultural systems to help mitigate climate change, advance food system resilience, and improve grower outcomes through driving the adoption of sustainable practices. CIBO is a 2021 Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards finalist and was named 2021 AgTech Breakthrough “AI-based AgTech Company of the Year.” Learn more at