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CiBO Technologies Product Updates May 2019

CIBO Technologies appreciates your participation in the Alpha testing program for the CIBO Insights application. Our first wave of testing is going well and it’s exciting to see Insights being applied to your farming operations. Early feedback has provided us with many helpful recommendations for improvements. Our aim is to create a tool that is most effective in serving your needs, which is why we greatly appreciate your feedback and comments.

New Features

  • In-season corn forecasts are available at the field level for any field in the continental US
  • Define the boundary by drawing field limits
  • Export stability maps for any field in the continental US
  • Pick and merge Common Land Units (CLUs) to set the boundaries of fields
  • Search chosen fields (uploaded, selected or drawn) and tag groups of fields
  • Access In-App feedback box for real-time observations

Application Improvements

  • Maps with additional layers displaying roads and boundaries
  • Tags available to categorize groups of fields together
  • Fields to be edited/deleted and categorized in multiple tags
  • Additional SSURGO data layers
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) improvements

Retired Features

  • Field Productivity Index histogram showing the distribution of values across fields


If you have further questions or feedback, please reach out to Vinay Subbiah at or submit input directly in CIBO Insights (in the comment box on the bottom right in the App)