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CIBO Technologies and The DeLong Co., Inc. Announce Collaboration for Scaling Regenerative Agriculture Programs Across the US

Partnership creates new access to program and sustainability incentives for farmers within The DeLong Co., Inc. network

MINNEAPOLIS (June 27, 2024) – CIBO Technologies, the climate software company for agriculture, today announced a multi-year strategic partnership with The DeLong Co., Inc., a privately-owned and family-run enterprise based in Clinton, Wisconsin with 38 grain, agronomy and export locations throughout the United States. Through this collaboration, CIBO Impact helps farmers within The DeLong Co., Inc.’s grower network find, qualify for and enroll in regenerative agriculture incentive programs backed by the USDA and private companies with Scope 3 emissions targets.

Partnership at a Glance: Increase Farm Profitability, Achieve Sustainability Goals, And Create a Resilient Supply Chain

The DeLong Co., Inc. seeks to bring new incentive opportunities to its growers’  sustainable and climate-resilient farming practices. The DeLong Co., Inc. chose the CIBO Impact Platform to scale access to public and private programs and incentives that encourage farmers to adopt regenerative agriculture farming practices. Ultimately, this leads to increased near-term profitability by aligning, accessing, and optimizing stackable incentives for farmers on their path to improved productivity and long-term profitability.

“We’re always looking for new ways to promote farmland resilience and sustainability across our supply chain. Teaming up with CIBO enables us to broaden farmer access to regenerative agriculture programs, cutting carbon emissions, improving soil health and harnessing financial incentives. Through CIBO’s Impact, we can oversee and validate regenerative agriculture practices at scale,” said Chris DeLong, President of The DeLong Co., Inc.

The DeLong Co., Inc. is a trusted advisor to farmers, and can help them unlock new opportunities from downstream customers looking to reduce emissions in their supply chain. CIBO Impact supports the development, delivery and management of these programs at scale.

Together, The DeLong Co., Inc. and CIBO are able to:

  • Increase Sustainable Ag Incentive Payments: Farmers within The DeLong Co., Inc.’s grower network can access the right combination of financial incentives to fund their practice transition and drive farmland resilience and profitability.
  • Prequalify Land & Understand the Potential Return: Farmers and their advisors can draw or upload field boundaries and leverage CIBO-sensed practices to understand eligibility for incentive programs instantly.
  • Deliver Simplified Program Enrollment: CIBO’s convenient workflows and scaled data make enrollment more efficient and effective for farmers.
  • Monitor Status & Generate Income: Farmers can instantly view program and payment status on the CIBO platform and get paid as practices are verified.
  • Automatically Prequalify for New Programs: As new incentive programs are deployed, fields will automatically run through prequalification. Farmers are notified of new opportunities.
  • Navigate the complexity of NRCS Programs: CIBO’s program engine digitizes the workflow of NRCS applications and drives farmers towards those practices that are most likely to be funded in their region.

Dan Ryan, CEO of CIBO Technologies, added, “CIBO takes pride in partnering with organizations like The DeLong Company, to scale access to regenerative agriculture program incentives. Whether it’s building initiatives to reduce Scope 3 emissions or simplifying the application from USDA funding, CIBO stands as a strategic technology provider, committed to empowering farmers and our customers.”

For more information on CIBO Impact or becoming a GNP, please visit:

The DeLong Co., Inc., Inc.

About CIBO

Founded by Flagship Pioneering in 2015, CIBO applies advanced technology and software to deliver a deep understanding of agricultural systems at scale. We focus on delivering solutions that drive regenerative agriculture in order to help to mitigate climate change, advance food system resilience, and improve grower outcomes. CIBO is a 2021 Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards finalist and was named 2022 AgTech Breakthrough “AI-based AgTech Company of the Year.” Learn more at

About The DeLong Co., Inc.

Since 1913, The DeLong Co., Inc. has established itself as a pioneer in the agricultural industry, providing best-in-class grain trading, exports, agronomy, seed, crop insurance, transportation, and wholesale services. The company operates 39 facilities across the United States and has remained family-owned and operated for six generations. With a deep-rooted commitment to their customers and communities, the family strives to build on their legacy of integrity, family, innovation, growth, and quality. Learn more at