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CIBO Impact Named in Fast Company’s Third Annual List of Brands That Matter

CIBO’s fully integrated, scaled software platform honored for its ability to help reduce scope 3 emissions and help enterprises reach net-zero through regenerative agriculture

MINNEAPOLIS (October 9, 2023) – CIBO Technologies, the company delivering the only complete sustainability platform serving the food and ag value chain, today is honored to announce CIBO Impact’s inclusion as an honoree in the enterprise category of Fast Company’s 2023 Brands that Matter.

The annual list honors brands that are more than the products they sell or the services they provide and also illustrate their relevance through cultural impact and social engagement, while authentically communicating their missions and ideals.

As a fully integrated solution, CIBO Impact helps companies navigate the complex landscape of GHG reduction and sustainability initiatives within their agricultural supply chains.

Through the CIBO Impact platform, enterprises gain the ability to efficiently create, manage, and validate sustainability programs such as Scope 3, carbon intensity, USDA, and regenerative agriculture initiatives. For growers and farmer-facing organizations, CIBO Impact delivers rapid understanding of program options, eligibility and potential return, followed by streamlined enrollment and ongoing progress status.
CIBO brings companies with bold climate initiatives together with growers and grower networks managing millions of acres of land to create meaningful and verifiable reductions in GHG emissions and CO2 while improving the soil and farmer outcomes.

Leveraging its scaled software platform, CIBO Technologies integrates advanced scientific ecosystem modeling, AI-enhanced computer vision, MMVR capabilities, and a robust programs engine, which facilitates connections among growers, enterprises, and ecosystems. This pioneering approach, featuring groundbreaking Supply Shed Analysis, modeling, and computer vision capabilities, offers unparalleled visibility into the carbon footprint of entire supply chains and supply sheds.

“We’re thrilled to be honored by Fast Company as a Brand That Matters. The inclusion of CIBO Impact demonstrates our commitment to making a meaningful impact in the world of sustainable agriculture and carbon reduction,” said Dan Ryan, CIBO CEO. “At CIBO, we believe technology drives positive change, and this recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team. We are excited to continue our journey towards a more sustainable future, leveraging innovation to address the critical challenges of our time.”

“The scale and scope of honorees this year is incredible,” said Brendan Vaughan, Fast

Company’s editor-in-chief. “At first glance, there might not be much in common between brands like M&M’s, Dungeons & Dragons, and healthtech platform WellTheory, but the thread that binds them is a commitment and purpose as a brand and relevance to their audience, whether that’s through fun, games, or healthcare.”

The final list, which includes large multinational conglomerates, small-but-mighty companies, and nonprofits, recognizes 165 brands that give people compelling reasons to care about them—and offer inspiration for others to buy in. All 165 have found an ability to forge an emotional connection with customers, whether leading on the environment or pop culture, engaging B2B customers, or responding meaningfully to current events.

Fast Company editors judged each brand on relevancy, cultural impact, ingenuity, and business impact to compile the list.

Click here to see the complete list.

The Fall issue of Fast Company magazine is available online now and is on newsstands beginning October 10, 2023.