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CIBO Co-Founder Bruno Basso was featured in Nature Sustainability and Forbes

CIBO is proud to be co-founded by Bruno Basso, a Foundation Professor of Natural Science at Michigan State University, whose work, along with that of Professor John Antle, of Applied Economics at Oregon State University, was recently highlighted in Nature Sustainability and Forbes magazine. The two professors posit that digital agriculture can pave the road to agricultural sustainability.

The global food system must become more sustainable. Digital agriculture — digital and geospatial technologies to monitor, assess, and manage soil, climatic and genetic resources — illustrates how to meet this challenge so as to balance the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of sustainable food production.

At CIBO, we believe that a partnership between our industry work and academia is foundational to progress for the company as a whole. We focus on building bridges between industry and academia through our emphasis on scientific excellence, transparency, and objectivity.

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