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CIBO & Bushel Partner to Make Carbon Farming ‘Economically Viable’ for US Growers

Ag Funder News covered the announcement that CIBO Technologies has established its first CIBO Carbon Bridge partnership with grain trading platform Bushel.

The CIBO Carbon Bridge program launched earlier this year and mitigates risks for US growers switching to regenerative agriculture practices. Bushel will provide digital infrastructure that can streamline and speed up the process of joining a carbon program for farmers.

Bushel’s director of Farm Success Kellie Livernois tells AFN that FarmLogs makes adopting regenerative practices faster and simpler by providing streamlined data on field boundaries, weather information, fieldwork, and planting dates, to name a few areas.

The partnership will also make enrollment faster for farmers interested in joining a carbon program. “The connection there is just being able to share records digitally or via API to a CIBO,” she says. “You can calculate the profit and loss and report to the FSA and track their marketing position. Not having to go double enter [the data] adds a lot more value to the picture.”

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