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CIBO Announces CIBO Grower: New Application Provides Access to Incentive Programs for Regenerative Farming

CIBO Grower Helps Growers Rapidly Determine Eligibility and Understand Potential Returns for Various Regenerative Agriculture Incentive Programs

MINNEAPOLIS, March 22, 2022 – CIBO, the science-based technology company that supports growers and enterprises on their journey to regenerative agriculture, today announces its launch of CIBO Grower. The new application helps farmers and their trusted advisors easily navigate and participate in the evolving landscape of incentive programs such as carbon credit markets, Scope 3 emissions reduction, and premiums for regenerative and low-carbon grains.

CIBO Grower empowers farmers to quickly determine eligibility and understand the potential return of different incentives. Through a simple process, farmers securely enter their fields, verify remotely-sensed management practices and are immediately matched with programs for which they qualify. Down to the field level, growers can choose the programs that are the best fit for their operation, and can then easily enroll through a streamlined process.

CIBO Grower enables rapid development and delivery of new programs by leveraging CIBO’s Program Engine, a proprietary software service built to deliver and manage programs from qualification through enrollment. The application is also available for use by CIBO’s enterprise partners to power their programs.

The platform launches with three incentive programs to help growers start or continue their transition to regenerative agriculture.

CIBO Carbon Bridge 

CIBO Carbon Bridge eliminates risk for new adopters of regenerative agriculture when entering carbon markets. Growers receive fixed payments—up to $35 per acre in the first year—and free agronomic support during the crucial early years of building soil health and creating carbon credits.

CIBO Certified Regenerative

CIBO Certified Regenerative rewards and recognizes early adopters of regenerative agriculture for their land stewardship. Early adopters may not qualify for some carbon registries. Through this program, qualified participants receive a one-time cash payment and a certificate verifying low-carbon yields.

CIBO Carbon Credits: Verra Project 1

The CIBO Carbon Credits program offers a new revenue stream for growers as they make their operation more climate-friendly, resilient, and profitable. Participants adopt cover cropping, conservation tillage, no-till, and/or or reduced nitrogen as new practices, generating high-quality carbon credits. CIBO is working with Verra™, a globally trusted third-party carbon credit registry, to ensure that credits meet buyer standards and are in demand.

“CIBO Grower simplifies the process of qualification and enrollment into a variety of incentive programs that can support farmers transitioning to regenerative agriculture,” said Daniel Ryan, CEO at CIBO Technologies. “The powerful program engine underpinning CIBO Grower enables rapid development and delivery of a multitude of incentive programs.”

Growers can register for CIBO Grower and see which incentive programs they qualify for today. More programs are added regularly.


About CIBO

Founded by Flagship Pioneering in 2015, CIBO applies advanced technologies to deliver a deep understanding of agricultural systems to help mitigate climate change, advance food system resilience, and improve grower outcomes through driving the adoption of sustainable practices. CIBO is a 2021 Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards finalist and was named 2021 AgTech Breakthrough “AI-based AgTech Company of the Year.” Learn more at