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CIBO Announces Availability of County-Level Crop Yield Forecasts

CIBO is the first platform to make county- and field-level forecasts freely available  

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts — July 13, 2020 — CIBO, the only technology company that helps users evaluate land with science-driven, parcel-level insights, announces a new — and unique — capability: county-by-county yield forecasts for corn, soy and cotton.

Powered by the recently announced CIBO Lab, CIBO’s new capabilities leverage proprietary modeling and simulations to provide unsurpassed insight, taking into account past and forecasted weather for the full growing season. This innovation makes CIBO the only company to use agronomic-based modeling to generate simulations at the field and county levels.

 CIBO uses real data from multiple sources to determine how weather, management practices and land characteristics all affect potential yield. The new capability will be fully integrated with CIBO’s easy-to-use application, and is updated weekly based on evolving weather patterns.

This new capability incorporates an all-encompassing view of agronomic variables, including:

  • Agricultural inputs such as fertilization, irrigation, seed matury numbers and planting density;
  • Natural environment such as soil, atmospheric conditions and topography;
  • Every stage of the growth cycle, including planting date, biomass development, maturity and yield; and
  • Environmental impacts such as nitrogen leaching, soil health, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change.

For More Information

For more information about this new capability, visit  /county-level-forecast/.

About CIBO

Founded by Flagship Pioneering, CIBO delivers objective, science-driven intelligence about land at the parcel level, at a national scale and without requiring local data to be input by farmers. This information drives efficiencies in land and related markets by connecting participants to objective information, and to each other.

CIBO’s insights include land and lease valuation, productivity, stability, environmental impact, yield forecast, and future states of land. Parcels can be searched locally or nationally against more than 20 criteria.

Property and financial marketplaces have proven to be valuable disruptors in the residential and commercial real estate markets. Leveraging our proprietary capabilities, CIBO is breaking the code and bringing similar solutions to the ag and land markets. Learn more at