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CIBO and Truterra – Alleviating the Data Burden for Farmers Connecting with Sustainability Programs

Truterra and Land O Lakes have long focused on making farming easier and more profitable for farmers. Truterra’s goal is to ease and accelerate farmer participation in conservation programs with the farmers’ needs at the center, backed by a network of ag retailers they trust. They recently announced a number of improvements that are creating remarkable improvements for farmers. Truterra has launched MyPortal, powered by CIBO Impact, which alleviates the data burden on farmers when finding, qualifying for, and enrolling in sustainability programs. Truterra also integrated with’s FieldAlytics platform. You can read more about their work here on the Truterra blog.

“We’ve made incredible progress to scale our business and drive efficiency for farmers when it comes to enrolling in Truterra programs and services,” said Mariah Murphy, Director of Field Services at Truterra. “As a business we are continuously focused on what’s best for the farmer in their conservation journey.”

CIBO and Truterra are working together to help reduce the barriers farmers face in finding, qualifying for, and enrolling in sustainability programs. Together, the two companies are developing an improved enrollment platform for Truterra programs and services that utilizes CIBO-sensed data, which increases speed and efficiency for farmers in the qualification, enrollment, and results reporting process.

Truterra  MyPortal, powered by the CIBO Impact platform, makes it faster, easier, and more approachable for farmers to discover, engage, and enroll in programs that incentivize sustainable farming practices.

Within the first months of working together, CIBO helped enroll over 1 million acres across 30 states in Truterra programs through the MyPortal platform. Now and going forward for enrollment, farmers take a short pre-enrollment survey and create a MyPortal profile that incorporates remote-sensed data, which helps streamline the program prequalification and enrollment process.

Learn more about how CIBO Impact can help accelerate your programs and help you achieve your scope 3, net-zero, and sustainability program goals.