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Carbon Catch-up: Sara Crawford & Billy Cripe on Regenerative Agriculture

On the Carbon Catch-Up podcast Sara Crawford and Billy Cripe discussed regenerative agriculture. In this podcast series, the Rabo Carbon Bank explores carbon farming, regenerative farming, carbon markets, agroforestry and much more. They regularly share episodes that discuss all the latest developments and interview farmers who have already taken the hurdles and transformed their businesses.

Sara Crawford is the president of Sustainable Environmental Consultants, a.k.a SEC, and is based in West Des Moines, Iowa. SEC is dedicated to showcasing agriculture as a climate solution and provides data-driven sustainability solutions for growers and ranchers. Sara has an extensive background in agriculture, animal and meat sciences and sustainability. Billy Cripe is a transformation marketing executive for CIBO, based in St. Paul Area, Minnesota. CIBO is a technology platform accelerating regenerative agriculture, providing farmers insights into productivity, soil stability, yield forecasts and sustainability. Billy has a background in product management, programming and analytics, and for CIBO he is focused on creating market-wide awareness, engagement and enthusiasm for the next generation of land-based insight, operation and transaction. SEC and CIBO are important partners for the Carbon Bank and we work closely together to support growers and ranchers in transitioning to regenerative ag. In this podcast, we’ll catch-up with Sara and Billy, who’ll provide among others insights into how their organizations can help you improve your businesses.

Listen to the Podcast