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Carbon Bridge Programs De-Risk and Scale Regenerative Agriculture Adoption

Successful Farming reported on CIBO’s VP of Marketing Billy Cripe’s presentation at the Land Investment Expo on CIBO Carbon Bridge which helps corn and soy growers start profitable regenerative operations. To help bridge the gap in adoption and help corporations fulfill their commitments, CIBO has created a pay-for-practice program that creates incentives for farmers to start the transition (immediately) to regenerative farming.

Cripe says the program will help farmers make money or at least subsidize the cost of transition from conventional practices to regenerative. Over time, as those practices yield verified carbon credits, the farmer or landowner can then participate in markets and sell those credits.

“The concept is that an organization with deep pockets and wide reach that has made public carbon and climate commitments, has ag in their supply chain, believes in regenerative agriculture, and believes it is unreasonable for a farmer to bear all of the risk will fund a transition program,” Cripe explains.

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