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Calculating the Carbon Footprint of Zoom Meetings

With more people working from home, digital meetings have become the norm, and in-person meetings a rarer occurrence. Many people assume that online meetings are better for the environment. However, that is not always the case when you dive into what’s needed to fuel a meeting. 

Assuming an average of one one-hour meeting a day involving two people, 250 days a year, then the CO2 cost

  • The audio-only calls would emit 0.08 kg of CO2.
  • The standard-definition video calls would emit 0.6 kg of CO2.
  • The high-definition video calls would emit 1.1 kg of CO2.
  • The ultra-high-definition calls would emit 2.8 kg of CO2. 1

These small amounts of carbon add up quickly when you take a look at how many meetings an organization has each day, week, and year. The environmental costs of adopting new technologies are often slow to be recognized and typically after these behaviors have become mainstream. By understanding and identifying the latest digital and work-from-home lifestyle’s hidden-environmental impacts, organizations can make sure they’re working efficiently and sustainably. 

How can organizations offset these hidden costs of Zoom meetings? 

CIBO provides individuals and organizations the opportunity to purchase one carbon credit for $20 each to help offset the costs of everyday life. By purchasing carbon credits, organizations can ensure their employees can get their jobs done and help fight climate change.

Offsetting 2 person meetings

Offsetting 2 person meetings with CIBO

Offsetting 10 person meetings

Offsetting 10 person meetings with CIBO

Offsetting 20 person meetings

Offsetting 20 person meetings with CIBO

Offsetting 100 person meetings

Offsetting 100 person meetings with CIBO

At CIBO, we can scale regenerative agriculture with a voluntary carbon marketplace that can fit your needs from one carbon credit to thousands. By purchasing carbon offsets, individuals and companies can meet and exceed their climate and carbon goals with a click of a button. 

Do you need a customized carbon neutrality plan for your business? Reach out to our enterprise team and we can work with you to quantify your carbon footprint.