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Bridging the Gap Between Industry and Academia at CIBO

Academia and Industry both approach real-world problems with different purposes and ideologies. However, when you can harness the power of both ideologies, you create a more powerful product. At CIBO, we believe that a partnership between our industry work and academia is foundational to progress for the CIBO team as a whole. That’s why we are proud to have an affiliation with the University of Michigan through our co-founder Professor Bruno Basso

Professor Bruno Basso is an internationally recognized agricultural systems scientist in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Michigan State University. Basso’s modeling research has focused on extending soil-crop-atmosphere models to spatial domains at the field scale, and in particular on developing, testing, and deploying SALUS, a next-generation process-based model that integrates crop productivity with water, carbon, and nutrient fluxes in a spatially explicit manner. His research concentrates on the understanding of spatial and temporal variability of crop yield, water, and nutrients. 

Professor Bruno Basso regularly joins the CIBO science and modeling teams for deep dives into our scientific practices. These brainstorming sessions provide significant insights and new perspectives in ensuring our science and modeling teams are asking the right questions and taking new perspectives to make better analysis and decisions for our models. 

During these meetings, there is an emphasis being placed on generating results that have both economic and environmental impact. There’s a high value placed on working in teams, on knowing how to contribute to collaborative projects, and on generating real cultural impact. All the team members are able to benefit from combining the industry’s nimble approach with alignments between various academic advances that have been identified. These meetings help to lead to new research collaborations and advances that can be used in Basso’s research as well as built into the SALUS model. 

At CIBO, we are pragmatic scientists striving to achieve real goals and efficiently deliver our innovation and insights into the market. We set the bar high and challenge ourselves to continuously improve our scientific understanding of land. The team pursues out-of-the-box ideas, both large and small, to add value and advance our technologies while remaining grounded in data. 

We focus on building bridges between industry and academia through our emphasis on scientific excellence, transparency, and objectivity. Our shared mission and core values guide every aspect of our organization – from the people we hire to our products and services. These behaviors are practiced by all of the CIBO team throughout their work and support our mission to make things better for our customers, company, and the world.

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