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A Mother’s Day Gift that Gives Back to Mother Nature

Make Mother’s Day special with a thoughtful and sustainable gift. Mothers help raise us, share their wisdom and navigate the world. This Mother’s Day, we have a new way to honor and celebrate mothers, mother-figures, and Mother Nature while improving our carbon footprint. 

A Sustainable Gift 

Consider giving a gift that gives back to nature this Mother’s Day. It’s a lovely way to tell someone that you love them while supporting Mother Nature. 

Give her a gift that keeps giving. CIBO offers the ability for individuals and organizations to purchase carbon credits to offset a portion or their whole life. Carbon footprints are inevitable but with CIBO, people can take a meaningful step to offset their life. Each carbon credit that CIBO sells is $20. 

Here are some examples of carbon credit offsets you can purchase for your mother: 

  • $20 for 1 carbon credit = 1 mother’s daily coffee habit for a year 
  • $40 for 2 carbon credits = a flight that travels 10,000 miles 
  • $100 for 5 carbon credits = the average person’s daily commute for 1 year 
  • $400 for 20 carbon credits = the average carbon footprint of a new car 

Give a Gift to Mother Nature 

The mother that also nurtures us is planet earth. Protect the environment and give back to her for years to come by offsetting your carbon footprint. 

CIBO’s carbon credits come directly from American farmers. CIBO works with farmers across the use to help them get compensated and incentivized for choosing regenerative and resilient management practices. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, CIBO is able to quantify, verify, and register carbon credits. When purchasing carbon credits, individuals and organizations can either choose a specific field or get credits from a general pool.