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5 Features of CIBO CarbonLab™

With CIBO CarbonLab, anyone can understand the carbon footprint of the agricultural supply chain.

#1 Calculate the Baseline 

CarbonLab™ estimates the carbon footprint of a selected field or portfolio of fields based on the management practices.

#2 Model Alternative Scenarios

Organizations can find out how much emissions would change by implementing cover crops and/or no-till, and by reducing nitrogen.

#3 Forecast Up To 5 Years 

See how the carbon footprint will change over time as practices are continued for up to 5 years in the future.

#4 Define Scope 3 Reduction Plans 

Now that you know what’s possible for your agricultural supply chain, use this intelligence to set targets for reducing Scope 3 emissions.

#5 Meet Your ESG Goals with Grower Incentives 

Work with CIBO to create and administer pay-for-practice programs, premiums, carbon farming, or discounts for your regenerative growers.