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4 Ways CIBO Brings Crop Modeling to Businesses

1. Rapid Results

CIBO’s scaled infrastructure provides results at the pace of business. See modeling outputs in seconds rather than waiting weeks for results from labs. Run multiple scenarios as needed to make real-time and strategic decisions.

2. Insights You Can Use

The CIBO platform translates crop modeling results into usable business insights including yield, carbon footprint, carbon intensity, and what-if analyses on how regenerative ag will affect Scope 3 emissions.

3. Letting Your Farmers Farm

Integrating the SALUS crop and ecosystem model with CIBO’s remote sensing and practice inference engines means farmers don’t need to provide extensive practice history to generate valuable model results.

4. Simple Interface, Sophisticated

Results CIBO’s user interface allows anyone to run scenarios without needing special skills or technical training. The modern user experience takes seconds to understand and use.