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3 Pillars Of Carbon Confidence

Full CIBO Carbon Confidence Index

The Pillars Of Carbon Confidence 

CIBO provides a holistic approach to deep carbon insights with knowledge of the land, practices, and yields.

  • Regenerative Potential – shows the land’s carbon capture opportunity
  • Carbon Footprint – shows the carbon impact of farming that land
  • Carbon Intensity – shows the net carbon impact of the yield

Defining The Pillars Of Carbon Confidence 

Understand what each key carbon term means.

  • Regenerative Potential
    • Metric tonnes of carbon that could be sequestered and avoided under ideal regenerative practices.
    • This is how sustainable farming impacts and improves the land.
  • Carbon Footprint 
    • The total CO2e and GHGe emissions created in a year from farming the land.
    • Varies by location and by farming practices.
  • Carbon Intensity 
    • Grams of CO2e by unit of yield.
    • CIBO quantifies CI by g per KG of yield for each year.

CIBO Platform

See how CIBO brings the 3 Pillars of Carbon Confidence to life in the CIBO platform for growers and organizations.

Download the Pillars Of Carbon Confidence Infographic