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A world-class team of agronomists, data scientists, and software engineers.

We’re scientists and engineers. Understanding the value of land today requires an interdisciplinary approach and an understanding of scientific variables and of modern computational tools. We’ve assembled a team of world-class executive leaders with expertise across data science, agronomy, software design, biology, simulation, and modeling.

Daniel Ryan

Chief Executive Officer

Bruno Basso

Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder

Dinu Ajikutira

Application Product Management

Jenette Ashtekar

Core Technologies Product Management

Joe Hagan


Sam White

Chief Architect

Robert Berendes

Venture Partner, Flagship Pioneering

Stephen Berenson

Executive Partner, Flagship Pioneering

Mark Fusco

Former CEO Aspen Technology

Ignacio Martinez

General Partner, Flagship Pioneering

Lila Preston

Partner, Generation Investment Management

Martin Taylor

Former Chairman Syngenta AG

Before your download..

Before your download..