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Jenette Ashtekar White Background Wall

Jenette Ashtekar

SVP, Product Management, Ph.D.

Jenette Ashtekar is the SVP of Product Management at CIBO, a science-driven software startup. Jenette Ashtekar is an entrepreneurial scientist and agricultural technology innovator experienced in translating and delivering novel IP into real world solutions. Jenette spent ten years as an academic soil scientist, modeler, and entrepreneur developing and commercializing algorithms that predict soil properties, water dynamics, and productivity from sub-field to continental scales. Her technology has been used to deliver critical soil information to at risk agricultural communities throughout central and south america as well as to help US and Canadian farmers improve precision managmentment through the use of high resolution soil maps. Ashtekar is passionate about the translation of novel technology and academic IP into practical, real-world solutions and recognizes that the complex challenges facing agriculture today can only be solved through the collaboration and integration of many diverse stakeholders.

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