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Get Paid for Your Practice

Regenerative & Resilient Management Practices Deserve Compensation

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Continuum Ag is partnering with CIBO Technologies to deliver agronomic support and access to regenerative agriculture programs to growers in your area. The partnership helps support programs that shorten the time to ROI for regenerative ag by providing financial incentives and agronomic support for qualifying growers to adopt new practices.

Regenerative agricultural practices like cover cropping and no-till are effective at reducing greenhouse gasses (GHGs) while building climate-resilient soils. But for growers, the early-year costs of implementing new practices are slowing adoption. Most carbon programs barely cover startup costs for farmers, and CIBO has decided to change that. The partnership between CIBO and Continuum Ag will help deliver agronomic expertise to farmers to ensure early-year success in implementing regenerative ag.

“Our mission is to help 1 million farmers profit from soil health,” said Mitchell Hora, chief executive officer and president, Continuum Ag. “As farmers ourselves, we are excited to assist CIBO users with their regenerative ag journey.”

Eligible growers can quickly find out which regenerative incentive programs for which they qualify. Continuum Ag will assist you with enrollment via CIBO Impact and provide agronomic support to help ensure maximum ROI and outcomes that pay.

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