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It Pays to be a CIBO Certified Crop Advisor

Support Farmers in Regenerative Agriculture

CIBO partners with agronomists to make grower-focused carbon and regenerative agriculture programs available and easy.

CIBO is offering qualified agronomists the chance to become CIBO-certified and support farmers as they enroll in CIBO programs. CIBO certified agronomists act as their carbon fiduciary in the field. CIBO engages businesses, individuals, and the CCA organizations across the United States to promote and validate this new standard for advisers of farmers enrolled in carbon programs.

Get started with CIBO to access open and profitable regenerative agriculture programs for farmers to enroll in.


  • Guaranteed Payments: CIBO offers payment for advising on regenerative agriculture per acre. Payments vary depending on the program.
  • Regenerative Agriculture Knowledge: Learn how to advise which regenerative agriculture practices are the best both environmentally and economically.
  • Advisor on Carbon Markets: Gain knowledge about the challenges and benefits of enrolling in carbon marketplaces.

Become a CIBO Certified Crop Advisor