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Turn Sustainability Commitments into Action Plans

The CIBO Impact platform enables enterprises achieve their climate commitments and accelerate their regenerative incentive programs.

CIBO Impact helps grower-focused organizations help their customers easily apply for and stack USDA, Scope 3, 45(z), and other sustainability programs.

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Meet CIBO Impact

CIBO Impact Helps Companies Bring Scope 3 Emissions Programs to Life

Companies with agricultural products in their supply chains know the importance of reducing Scope 3 emissions in the field and on the farm. CIBO Impact delivers complete capabilities to bring Scope 3 programs to life. Reach your net-zero goals from target setting to emissions accounting, from project design to enrolling acres, from baselining to verifying interventions and reporting on results year over year.

4 Steps to Deploying Scope 3 Programs on CIBO Impact

How Renewable Fuels Producers can Source Low-Carbon Feedstocks

CIBO helps renewable fuels producers identify and source low-carbon corn or soy from growers using regenerative farming practices. We offer the only commercially available solution that can manage large-scale regenerative agriculture programs. From grower identification and enrollment, to verification of practices, to quantification and reporting on carbon, CIBO delivers results at scale.

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Unpacking CIBO’s Model Validation Report Process

CIBO is leading the way in proving how soil organic carbon and carbon credit modeling can deliver sustainability tracking at scale and in a new way. Proving confidence in modeled results, over and above experimentally determined results, is vital to engender trust in carbon credits and close the loop on incentivizing and funding carbon sequestrating and carbon credit-creating farming practices.

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