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Limitless Learning

Model, simulate, analyze, and understand every data point that impacts agricultural ecosystems.

The CiBO Platform

Powered by biological science, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, our enterprise digital simulation platform is built for companies across the agricultural value chain to simulate, analyze, and optimize decision-making.

Computational Agronomy

We combine a globally-validated science framework with real-world variables like soil, weather, plant physiology, remote sensing, and computer vision to develop sophisticated modelings of entire agricultural ecosystems.

Simulation Engine

We simulate billions of agricultural ecosystems for any crop, and at any point in time—scaling from a micro-view of how a plant and soil interact to a macro-perspective of regional and global climate patterns in order to help businesses decode what’s actually happening, or what could happen in the future under various scenarios.

Data Generation

We provide analysis of agricultural ecosystem scenarios and draw conclusions about why—down to the specific variable—certain outcomes will occur. We can do this even where there is limited or low-quality data, and we can simulate both existing and hypothetical scenarios. As we run our model, we generate new data that expands our software platform, creating repeatable solutions.

Analysis Tool Kit

We can pinpoint how specific variables will impact possible outcomes over specific timeframes, helping our customers optimize processes and decision-making. Customers are able to query our platform to answer important questions that have previously been unattainable, such as “What will happen to supply chain variability under climate change scenarios?” or “What will the impact of my product be under various stress conditions?”

How We Make Data Analytics Work
in Agriculture

  1. We Answer the Complex and Interesting Questions

    Other existing statistical models are limited because they extrapolate the future based upon the past. CiBO uniquely integrates our sophisticated mechanistic model with machine learning to not only make predictions, but also tell you why things occur. We allow you to simulate outcomes under billions of possible scenarios, solving for changes in things like genetics, crop management practices, and climate change.

  2. We Solve for Data Scarcity

    Due to the scale of diversity in agricultural ecosystems, it is challenging to collect, use, and understand data – especially when the data is coming from a variety of incompatible sources. Our sophisticated mechanistic model has unique capabilities to carry out environmental reconstruction, and, by using the actual plant as a sensor, to solve for environmental unknowns when data is lacking.

  3. We Drive Value, Not Just Insights

    Typically, data analytics provides insights but lacks the guidance that scientific and technological expertise provides to translate those insights into meaningful solutions. We have unparalleled understanding of complex agricultural systems, validated by over 100 years of experience with key industry players and robust, globally-validated research. This enables our software platform and the required last-mile engineering, allowing us to develop real solutions for agriculture’s most complex problems.