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Bring Client Carbon & Climate Projects to Life with CIBO

Incorporate CIBO’s breakthrough approach to scaling and accelerating regenerative agriculture into your sustainability goals

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Help Clients Turn Climate Commitments into Action

Companies seeking to decarbonize the supply chain can create and manage incentive programs for farmers growing low-carbon commodities and feedstocks. Whether paying premiums for certified regeneratively-grown products, or creating incentives for growers to participate in your programs, CIBO Impact is the solution for end-to-end program creation and execution.

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Reduce Scope 3 Emissions or Generate Offsets While Supporting Farmers

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See how to efficiently build Scope 3 reduction programs with CIBO.

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Create, Manage and Buy Nature-Based Carbon Solutions

CIBO Impact is a scalable software platform for the creation, management and verification of nature-based agricultural carbon offsets and Scope 3 reductions and removals. CIBO Impact is the only commercially available solution that can manage large-scale regenerative agriculture programs. From grower identification, pre-qualification, and enrollment, to practice verification and monitoring, to quantification and reporting on carbon, CIBO delivers results at scale.

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Co-Benefits of Agricultural Carbon Credits

Promoting regenerative agriculture leads to co-benefits, beyond GHG reductions, that positively impact not only farmers but the broader community and food and economic systems.

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  • Rural economic development
  • Farmer financial security
  • Higher farm profitability
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  • Habitat restoration
  • Positive Biodiversity Impacts
  • Pest and disease control
  • Reduced erosion and runoff
  • Drought and flood resilience
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  • More nutrient-dense food
  • Improved water quality
  • Enhanced food security

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See how to efficiently build Scope 3 reduction programs with CIBO.

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