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Scale USDA Grower-Facing Sustainability Initiatives with CIBO

How CIBO Helps Partners Efficiently Develop, Deliver and Scale Customized Grower-Facing Incentive Programs

Reach Out for Your Custom Plan

The USDA recently announced the investment of $2.8 billion in 70 selected projects through Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities. Congratulations to all the award recipients! Now that you’ve won, you may be asking yourself, “How is my company going to track the sustainability goals we’ve committed to?” That’s where CIBO comes in.

CIBO Impact is CIBO Technologies’ scalable software and programs platform that makes it easy for USDA award winners to create custom programs to manage, track, and report on the practices they adopt that sequester CO2e and regenerate the soil. Combining advanced verification and modeling technology with AI-enhanced computer vision, satellite imagery, and detailed impact measurement, verification, and reporting (MVR) of farming practices makes it easy for growers to adopt regenerative practices that enhance long-term sustainability for climate-smart commodities.

CIBO creates visibility of the carbon footprint of entire supply chains and supply sheds allowing for sourcing of low Carbon Intensity (CI) grains, feedstocks, and commodities while lowering the overall carbon footprint of farming operations and drawing down measurable CO2e from the atmosphere.

Meet with our team to find out how we can build a custom program for your sustainability goals.

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