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Marlin Edwards


Born in Rapid City, S.D., U.S.A.
Raised in several states, with summers spent working on the family farm in north-western South Dakota. Hobby of breeding ornamental peppers for over 35 years, popcorn for 10 years, hiking and biking, home remodeling.

Institution:    Degree  Year  Field of Study
N.C. State University   Post-doc 1984-86 Quantitative Genetics
University of Wisconsin, Madison Ph. D.  1983  Plant Breeding & Genetics
University of Wisconsin, Madison M.S.  1981  Horticulture
Kansas State University   B.S.   1978  Agriculture, Honors Program
Professional Experience:
2016 to current: Consultant in Plant Genetics and Agricultural Technology
2006-2016 Chief Technology Officer, Vegetable Business, Monsanto Company. Location: Woodland, CA.
2000-2005, Global V.P. of Breeding Technology for Monsanto. Location: St. Louis, MO.
1998-2000, Global V.P. of Genomics for the Monsanto Seed Business. Location: St. Louis, MO.
1998. V. P. of Research and Technology, Novartis Seeds, Inc. – NAFTA Field Crops. Location: Golden Valley, MN.
1996-1997 Director of Molecular Markers and Applied Biotechnology, Novartis Seeds, Inc. Location: Stanton, MN.
1994-1995 Director of Biotechnology for Northrup King Co. Location: Stanton, MN.
1992-1994. Director of Agricultural Research of Green Giant, Pillsbury Company. Location:
1988-1992. Program Leader of Breeding and Biotechnology for Green Giant Company. Location: LeSueur, MN.
1986-1988. Corn Breeder, Green Giant Company. Location: LeSueur, MN.
1984-1986. Post-Doc. in lab of C.S. Stuber, North Carolina State University, Department of Genetics.
1979-1983. Graduate Research Assistant. Location: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Horticulture.
1972-1979. Various work experiences in high school and while self-funding my college education, including: farming, construction, greenhouse work, auto mechanic work .

Community Activity:
Member of Board of Directors, Woodland United Way from 2015 to 2017
Patents: Inventor on 7 granted patents and another 10+ patent applications.
Selected Publications:
Eathington, S.R, T. M. Crosbie, M. D. Edwards, R. S Reiter and J.K Bull. 2007. Molecular Markers in a Commercial Breeding Program. Crop Science 47: 154-163.

RFLPs for Rapid Recurrent Selection. 1994. Proceedings of the symposium: Analysis of Molecular Marker Data. pp.33-40. Publ. Joint Plant Breeding Symposium Series of the American Society for Horticultural Society and the Crop Science Society of America.

Edwards, M.D. and N. J. Page. 1994. Evaluation of marker assisted selection through computer simulation. Theor. Appl. Genet. 88:376-382.

Edwards, M.D. 1992. Use of molecular markers in the evaluation and introgression of genetic diversity for quantitative traits. Field Crops Research 29:241-260.

Edwards, M. D., T. Helentjaris, S. Wright and C. W. Stuber. 1992. Molecular-marker-facilitated investigations of quantitative trait loci in maize. IV: Analysis based on genome saturation with isozyme and restriction-fragment-length-polymorphism markers. Theor. Appl. Genet. 83:765-774.

Abler, B. S. B., M. D. Edwards and C. W. Stuber. 1991. Isoenzymatic identification of quantitative trait loci in crosses of elite maize inbreds. Crop Sci. 31:267-274.

Doebley, J. A. Stec, J Wendel and M. Edwards. 1990. Genetic and morphological analysis of a maize-teosinte F2 population: Implications for the origin of maize. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 89:9888-9892.

Stuber, C. W., M.D. Edwards and J. F. Wendel. 1987. Molecular-marker-facilitated investigations of quantitative trait loci in maize. II: Factors influencing yield and its component traits. Crop Sci. 27:639-648.

Edwards, M. D., C. W. Stuber and J. F. Wendel. 1987. Molecular-marker-facilitated investigations of quantitative trait loci in maize. I: Numbers, Distribution and types of gene action. Genetics 116: 113-125.

Edwards, M.D. and P. H. Williams. 1987. Selection for minor gene resistance to Albugo candida in a rapid-cycling population of Brassica campestris. Phytopath. 77: 527-532.

Lower, R.L. and M. D. Edwards. 1985. Cucumber Breeding. In: Breeding Vegetable Crops. Ed. M. J. Bassett. AVI Publishing Co., Westport, Connecticut, pp. 173-207.

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