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Eric Purvis CIBO

Eric Purvis

President of E&H Farms Inc. with operations in Kansas and Colorado

How many generations has your family been farming? 

“I’m the third generation of farmers in this area, but my family has a longer history in agriculture.”

Where are your operations, and within what geography do you operate?

“Our operations are in West Kansas a little to the north and eastern Colorado right up against the state line.” 

What crops do you grow, and how diverse is your operation?

“We grow corn, wheat, pinto beans, and soybeans. We aim for a no-till or minimum-till on our property.”

 Why did you decide to get into farming?

“I started working on the farm when I was young. I enjoyed it, the challenge, being outside, being in the dirt every day, and growing plants. It was both exciting and challenging.”

What is your favorite part of farming?

“I enjoy getting the crop in the ground and harvesting it at the end.”

What is one thing that would surprise people about farming? 

“It’s challenging to farm, and sometimes people don’t understand the level of difficulty. We do it because it’s very rewarding and not because we believe we will get rich from it.” 

What tech do you use today to look at land/do business? 

“We use a lot of technology, including John Deer equipment, Farmers Edge, Ag Science, and AcreValue.” 

What is the biggest issue facing farming today? 

“A lot of the challenges are the consolidation and aggregation of companies in agriculture. Input suppliers are consolidating more and more, and it’s putting pressure on the market. The buyers for commodities are also consolidating. Farmers are getting squeezed in the middle. Farm size is growing, the number of farmers is shrinking, and it’s been tough financially the last few years.” 

“We’re overproducing (overshare) raising more than the demand – we need the supply because they keep telling us by 2050 we’ll need more food, so we’re getting ready.”

Why did you decide to join the CIBO Farmer Advisory Network?

“CIBO is working on technology that is fascinating and has a lot of potential for the future of agriculture. I’m excited to have the opportunity to be a part of aiding that and having a first look at it.”

What are you hoping to get out of the board? 

“Helping shape the technology and have input into it. I’m also excited to have the opportunity to take a first look at the advances and help move it forward.”

What type of feedback are you looking forward to contributing to the board? 

“I hope that things can be applied to our world in Western Kansas. So much of the technology comes from the “I” states and corn belt that they don’t fit what we do out here. I hope my input is valuable and valued in helping shape technologies that are applicable all over the United States.”

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