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Helping Organizations Go Carbon Neutral

The technology platform that scales and accelerates regenerative agriculture to fit your organization’s needs.

Schedule a Meeting with CIBO to Purchase Carbon Credits

CIBO Impact is here to help you meet your organization’s climate and carbon commitments; all while supporting US farmers.

With CIBO, you’ll be able to actively monitor the regenerative potential and carbon offset from farms and fields in your supply chain and across your portfolio. Clearly demonstrate how your organization is helping reduce carbon emissions.

CIBO Impact helps companies follow-through on their carbon reduction commitments by creating a first-of-its-kind, voluntary carbon marketplace for direct access to carbon credits generated by farmers. This approach connects companies to farmers, and puts farmers first by enabling them to sell annual credits based on the sustainable and regenerative practices they’ve implemented.

Schedule a meeting and see how to incorporate CIBO Impact’s Carbon marketplace into your public climate action plan. Let’s talk!

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