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Get Paid for Your Practice

Regenerative & resilient management practices deserve compensation.

Enroll Your Fields

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Scale & Accelerate Regenerative Agriculture

CIBO believes in helping each farmer connect with land in a new way. We’ve developed technologies that help farmers reap the benefits of doing the right thing. Our process distills data into actionable information enabling growers to take control; our integrated marketplace defines value to guide carbon credits, forging broad-scale sustainable paths for the entire food chain.

Why Growers Enroll their fields in CIBO Impact™

CIBO brings deeper connections, more clarity & greater control to regenerative practices.

Reap the Benefits of Sustainable Farming Practices

CIBO introduces REAP: Rapid Enrollment, Annual Payment for the regenerative practices that produce carbon.

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To get paid for your regenerative practices with CIBO:

  • Legally sign a contract on behalf of the land
  • Grow corn and/or soy (Cotton & Wheat coming soon!)
  • Use one or more of the following regenerative practices: Cover Crop, No Till, Strip Till, Reduced Nitrogen, Corn & Soy Rotation (more coming soon!)
  • Provide a shapefile & field boundary info

Upon enrollment submission, your fields will be reviewed and approved. After your cash crop for the 2021 growing season emerges your practices are validated and your CIBO Carbon Credits are listed for sale in our marketplace.

How CIBO Promotes Regenerative Agriculture

CIBO’s breakthrough approach offers an innovative, US farmer focused carbon market

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CIBO delivers a higher standard of assurance on the impact of sustainable farming. With modeling and remote satellite sensing CIBO quantifies the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ag.

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With remote satellite sensing, computer vision, and physical inspection, CIBO verifies tillage practice, cover cropping, cash crop emergence, and nitrogen application and many other practices.

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Once verified, farmers price and sell their credits on the CIBO Carbon Marketplace. Buyers can directly support American farmers. Credits can be sold each season, based on the verified practices implemented.

Discover the CIBO Rapid Enrollment Annual Payment (REAP) Program

Read the Case Study
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Understand Your Farmland’s Potential Profit

Our one-of-a-kind CIBO insights generate simple scores anyone can use—on their own or paired with other publicly available land data. CIBO allows you to efficiently evaluate and compare parcels of land, understand past and in-season management practices and yields, regenerative potential, and predict a parcel’s future productivity and value.

Enroll Your Fields

Access Land Insights

The CIBO Impact platform makes proprietary, parcel-level insights and publicly available data easily accessible so anyone can make informed land decisions.

Faster, More Efficient Farmland Operations

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Optimizing Grower Operations for Sustainable Choices

Increase your negotiating power and take a more strategic, data-driven approach to expanding your operations.

  • Set better pricing and terms based upon richer comparative analyses backed by actual, objective data
  • Compare a field’s performance against other fields from within your region or county, or across the nation
  • Predict the effect of in-season changes on field performance, without relying upon local data input from individual farmers

Empowering Land Investors & Buyers to make Good Investment Decisions

Increase your return on investment (ROI) by more quickly and easily finding and comparing high-value land parcels.

  • Find, research, and analyze investment opportunities more quickly, easily, and accurately
  • Negotiate better pricing and terms based upon richer comparable (comp) analyses backed by actual, objective data
  • Verify farmer practices with CIBO using remote sensing and other means throughout the growing season.

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Download the eBook:

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