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Start Your Company’s Journey to Carbon Neutral

CIBO quantifies, verifies and registers credits.

Schedule a Meeting with CIBO to Purchase Carbon Credits

CIBO Impact defines the future of sustainability and regeneration with clear and transparent carbon quantification, practice verification and carbon credit registration. Organizations and programs that partner with CIBO have control and visibility over land insights and carbon offset production through CIBO’s breakthrough, science-based technology.

The CIBO Impact platform is ideally suited for inclusion in carbon credit aggregation programs and delivers verified, US agricultural-based carbon offsets at scale. CIBO is technology that connects programs, organizations and individuals to farmers leaning into regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming practices.

Ideal Enterprise Partnerships 

  • Interested in purchasing carbon credits from US farmers to offset their carbon footprint.
  • Have a commitment to promoting sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices throughout their supply chain and portfolio suppliers.
  • Are looking to scale the impact and visibility of their carbon offsetting activities.

Schedule a meeting and see how to incorporate CIBO Impact’s Carbon marketplace into your public climate action plan. Let’s talk!


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