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Get Paid For Your Practice

Regenerative & Resilient Management Practices Deserve Compensation

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Please note that CIBO’s program only applies to corn and soy acres today

Cover cropping and no-till can improve the health of soils, reduce the need for herbicide, minimize erosion, and have a positive impact on farm profitability. However, it can take multiple seasons before farmers see the soil health and financial benefits of these practices.

Emerging carbon marketplaces offer to pay growers to sequester carbon in the soil through regenerative practices. But many of these marketplaces come with high risk, unreasonably long-term contracts, and payment amounts that are well below the cost of early-year implementation.

That’s why CIBO is bringing you CIBO Carbon Bridge. This unique program is designed to bridge the gap to profitable regenerative operations for corn and soy growers.

Program Benefits: 

Start getting paid the first year

Access the best per-acre payments available, starting your first year. Up to $35/acre in Year 1 for selected growers implementing cover crops and no-till. Rates are based on real-world costs as confirmed by farmers.

Get free agronomic support

Agronomic support is provided at no cost to farmers. Shorten the time to better soil health. Get expert advice on decisions like cover crop types and seeding methods.

Own your own carbon credits starting Year 4

Share in the upside and generate your own carbon credits starting in Year 4 and beyond. Be able to sell your credits at market rate starting Year 5.

Flexible commitment

Growers can choose to opt out starting in Year 4 continuing through Year 10 of their ten-year agreement.


  • Net new adoption of cover crop and/or no till
  • Practice adoption in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 (cash crop year 2021) or future
  • Corn and soy growers only
  • No land use changes within the past 10 years (i.e., wetland conversion, forest removal, etc.)
  • Grower must have operated on the land for at least 3 years prior to change in practice

Ongoing Future Commitments:

  • Ten-year agreement with an annual opt-out starting in Year 4
  • Must not conventionally till. Must maintain a reduced tillage practice at all times such as strip or no-till

CIBO believes you should be compensated for the good work you do. Fill out this short pre-qualification form, and a member of our team will be in touch soon.


Carbon Bridge FAQ

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