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Why Assessing Land Stability is a Key Component of Finding Farmland

Not all farm fields behave the same. An individual field’s unique, sub-field behavior is hard to predict without significant operator experience and data collected over many growing seasons. And the typical data used to explain in-field behavior, such as combined yield and precision maps—is seldom available in farm listings.

CIBO’s Soil Stability Score and Performance Zone maps work to communicate and visualize within-field variability over time. We use satellite imagery to look at the field variability over a 10-year period, then map out zones of high, medium, and low performance, as well as zones of significant variability (i.e. inconsistent performance). Take a look at the information available through CIBO about fields across the US.

Minnesota Stability Map 

Elgin TwpWabasha Co, MN157020004100 44°10′9″N 92°18′52″W


LI Maps MN Stability

Missouri Stability Map 

Grand River TwpDaviess Co, MO06803405 40°2′20″N 94°2′44″W


LI Maps MO Stability

North Dakota Stability Map 

Devillo TwpRichland Co, ND28000005253000 46°6′20″N 96°41′41″W


LI Maps ND Stability

Ohio Stability Map 

Brown TwpDelaware Co, OH51840001119001 40°19′15″N 82°58′21″W


LI Maps OH Stability

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