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Upcoming Webinar: How Regenerative Agriculture Impacts In Season Forecasting

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Regenerative agriculture is part of the solution farmers are adopting to address sustainable farm management to promote long-term productivity and profitability. However, many people are wondering where to start.

Join CIBO’s webinar to hear Mollie Aronowitz, Land Manager at Peoples Company, and George Baird, Owner of Landmark Ag Capital L.L.C, share how to implement Leading Harvest and ways to incorporate regenerative farming down to a local level.

During the live webinar, we will cover:

  • Different sustainable farmland management practices
  • When to start looking at conservation programs and how to adapt them
  • How the Leading Harvest protocol positively impacts soil and yield
  • Regional best practices for adopting regenerative agriculture

How Regenerative Agriculture Impacts In Season Forecasting

Live webinar, Monday, September 27, 2021, at 1:00 pm CT | 2:00 pm ET

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Meet Our Speakers!

Mollie Aronowitz, Land Manager at Peoples Company

Mollie Aronowitz is a Land Manager with Peoples Company focusing on farm, pasture, CRP and recreation land in the Midwest.  She joined the Land Management team in 2013 and has focused on tailoring management plans that combine land stewardship, best farming practices, and appreciation of family farm heritage to best serve her clients.  In 2019, Mollie was appointed Director of Sustainability.  In this role, she is able to combine skills learned in the agriculture industry with a passion for community outreach.  Peoples Company has participated in a wide variety of education and research over the years in an effort to remain on the leading edge of conservation in agriculture.  This work has led to Peoples Company being the first private management firm in the country certified to the Leading Harvest Sustainability Standard.

As the fifth generation of a century farm operation, Mollie has inherited a strong connection to Iowa’s landscape and a deep understanding of farm operators. She lives in Ames, Iowa with her husband and two young children.  Mollie is an Accredited Farm Manager (AFM) with the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers® (ASFMRA®), one of only a handful of female accredited managers in the nation.

George Baird, Owner of Landmark Ag Capital L.L.C

George grew up on a cotton farm in Sunflower County, Mississippi, with dreams of eventually becoming a farmer like his father and grandfather. His course changed, and he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture Economics from Mississippi State University in 1993. After graduation, George worked for Farmers National Company in Memphis, Tennessee, for nine years before co-founding Baird & Brunson Land Management Group, LLC.  Most recently, George founded Landmark Ag Capital LLC, located in Arlington, TN.  Holding real estate licenses in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee, George represents landowners in managing their land and the buying and selling of farmland. His wide range of clientele includes everyone from sole farm owners to large investment companies. A member of the “Million Dollar Sales Club” since 2002, George’s proudest professional accomplishment was achieved in 2006 when he was selected Farm Manager of the Year by Syngenta, Ag Professional magazine, and ASFMRA.

More recently George Baird and Landmark Ag Capital entered in a partnership with Peoples Company creating Landmark Ag Holdings, which will focus on expanding management services across the MId-South.

When he is not working, George enjoys fly fishing, hunting, and traveling with his family. He and his wife, Cari, and two sons are active Christ United Methodist Church members in Memphis.


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