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Unlocking the History of Farmland Parcels

Expensive research goes into finding farmland that matches your unique needs. Rather than spending hours pulling together public and private information from different sources, check out CIBO’s land reports. We provide easy access to critical factors like productivity potential, zone performance, historical practices, and local economic conditions to determine a parcel of land’s fair economic value—independent of hard-to-come-by operator data. It’s free to register and find the parcels that fit your needs. Here’s a teaser of some of the historical data you can find on our platform. 

Kansas Historical Performance 

Hiawatha TwpBrown Co, KS0070611100000003010 39°53′22″N 95°35′56″W

Hiawatha TwpBrown Co KS007061110000000301039°53′22″N 95°35′56″W

South Dakota 

Weston TwpMarshall Co, SD1859174000 45°43′24″N 97°56′38″W 

Weston TwpMarshall Co SD185917400045°43′24″N 97°56′38″W


Logan TwpLogan Co, NE570005833 41°27′44″N 100°19′25″W 

Logan TwpLogan Co NE57000583341°27′44″N 100°19′25″W


Franklin TwpFayette Co, PA13050044 40°1′40″N 79°44′5″W

Franklin TwpFayette Co PA1305004440°1′40″N 79°44′5″W


Genoa TwpVernon Co, WI014000920000 43°31′23″N 91°6′35″W 

Genoa TwpVernon Co WI01400092000043°31′23″N 91°6′35″W

Registration to CIBO is free. See your land. See a simplified value. See CIBO.



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