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Spotlight on the Most Productive Land with Regenerative Potential

CIBO believes in helping each farmer connect with land in a new way. We’ve developed technologies that clarify the best restorative choices to make and offer ways to reap the benefits of doing the right thing. Our process distills data into actionable information that lets farmers take control while our integrated marketplace defines value to guide carbon credits, forging broad-scale sustainable paths for the entire food chain.

Looking for examples of what you can find with our powerful search? Here are five of the most productive land with regenerative potential. 


Grant TwpVermilion Co, IL 0421200002 40 °26′39″N 87°35′48″W


LI Maps IL Productive


Fremont TwpCedar Co, IA 014002152000030 41°54′44″N 91°10′44″W


LI Maps IA Productive


Oak Grove TwpBenton Co, IN 041323100001001010 40°31′1″N 87°17′11″W


LI Maps IN Productive


Hartford TwpVan Buren Co, MI 801101401600 42°12′8″N 86°8′7″W


LI Maps MI Productive


Delavan TwpFaribault Co, MN 050120100 43°49′39″N 94°1′24″W


LI Maps MN Productive

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