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Recorded Webinar: Using CIBO Enterprise to Engage Customers, Suppliers, and Operators in Sustainability

In our recorded webinar, CIBO’s Dr. Jenette Ashtekar gave a live demonstration of CIBO Enterprise and walked through the features and benefits of the platform. She showed viewers how it is possible to see a field’s carbon footprint with conventional practices, regenerative practices, and the difference between those in order to figure out the areas that have the most potential to reduce their emissions by adopting regenerative agriculture. With CIBO, enterprises are able to target growers in their supply chain or customer base and help them have more advantages when it comes to adopting regenerative practices. 

What is CIBO Enterprise?

CIBO Enterprise powers the sustainability initiatives of grower-focused enterprises. CIBO helps organizations with ag in their supply chain and/or value chain to understand the extent of their operations’ carbon footprint and scale their sustainability initiatives. The ability to quantify, verify, monetize, and connect with growers doesn’t exist at scale outside the CIBO platform. Our platform puts all the necessary information into one place which makes it as transparent and detailed as possible.

Audience Question: What do you use to define field boundaries?

At the very base layer, we are using parcels and typically farmers operate on multiple parcels that make up their field(s). We wanted to be able to understand the ownership of the land and parcel boundaries are connected to the owner. We can upload field boundaries or draw them within the platform. 

In CIBO Enterprise, we have two ways of operation: as an enterprise or as a grower working with an enterprise. There is a shared space across the entire enterprise and you have your own personal space where only you can see the information. It allows you to see the total number of fields you have, number of acres and how many are tillable, yield forecasting, and more. It also shows the total carbon footprint as of today, what it would be if growers implement more sustainable practices, and the difference between the two.

Dr. Ashtekar also went into a detailed description and demonstration showing the type of regenerative ag scenarios CIBO Enterprise allows users to view which includes conventional and regenerative practices. 

If you are interested in learning and watching how CIBO Enterprise works, watch our recorded webinar where Dr. Ashtekar goes step-by-step on how to use the platform.

Watch the Webinar



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