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Recorded Webinar: Land Insights & Investments: Find, Invest, Monetize & Monitor

Sustainable agriculture provides substantial growth opportunities for stakeholders in farm-focused markets. However, the agriculture economy still requires new tools and information for both farmers and their business partners. CIBO offers a science-driven solution to help manage and monitor your carbon, land and ag investment portfolios. 

Interested in learning more? In this recorded webinar, CIBO VP, Land Platform Nitzan Haklai discusses how top firms find and manage high-performance agriculture investments with cutting-edge technology. 


We received many questions from the webinar. Check out the top questions and answers about the presentation below!


How does the carbon regenerative potential for each field work to get the farmer paid? Is the grower’s “additionality” in relation to the baseline set by CIBO or by a county baseline? Is this essentially an “annual additionality?” 

Yes it is annual additionality based on the actual management practices and decisions made by farmers every season. CIBO tracks the regenerative potential and verifies the combination of greenhouse gas emissions reduction/prevention and the sequestration of carbon in the soil to turn into carbon credits. We measure both of these and based on our technology, use them to create one or more carbon credits on a per acre basis. 

CIBO has a voluntary carbon marketplace where those carbon credits may be bought and sold (individuals and/or businesses can swipe a credit card to buy carbon credits). We calculate this information based on our simulation models that we built to be applied to and to scale to every field in the country. There is also a new opportunity for any organization with agriculture in its supply chain to create these incentives for regenerative ag practices and in each season to generate carbon credits. 


Can farmers/growers qualify if they have already made the practice change and therefore are hitting that estimation that CIBO is delivering on an annual basis? 

CIBO believes very strongly that just because a grower made good decisions in years past does not mean they should be prevented from participating in these programs every year. Agriculture is an annual business and the decisions that growers make every season reflect actual additionality according to the most established protocols. 

CIBO is the only program that allows and facilitates those annual biodynamic system based carbon practices to calculate, quantify, and verify those practices.


What is the current approximate monetary value of a carbon credit to land owners/recipients?

Right now carbon credits that have been verified from the 2019-2020 growing season are selling at $20 per carbon credit. We are seeing averages of 1 carbon credit (1 metric ton of CO2 equivalent sequestered) per acre. CIBO has a vision of allowing the growers/owners to be able to set their own price for carbon in the future.


Can landowners receive payments through your platform?

For any organization, whoever is legally entitled to receive the benefit of what the land produces they are able to enroll the land every season on the CIBO platform. We call this the Rapid Enrollment Annual Payment Program (REAPP). 

The challenge is the lease agreements between growers and owners, land management companies and custom ag practices. Those will be different year to year and depending on the field (CIBO is not a part of these agreements). Those agreements happen between the people operating on the land and the people who own the land. Whoever is allowed to enroll in the program needs to be able to verify that and then enroll the land. 

CIBO helps manage that quick and easy online process on enrolling fields. Once the carbon credits/regenerative potential have been verified it then transforms into a carbon credit which is transacted on CIBO marketplace. Then, once it is completed CIBO issues a payment to the entity who has enrolled in the platform (most likely the growers). 


Is water table data available for parcels?

It is not available yet. CIBO’s vision is to have our platform as the one source for data and information that users can get on every field and every parcel in the country all in one place. CIBO is currently the best platform in the market because the main interest is in business intelligence about land data. 



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