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October County-Level Yield Forecast Infographic

Each month the USDA releases the WASDE to help understand at a national level how agricultural land will perform. These national numbers help provide an understanding of what is happening but CIBO enables you to zoom down to a field, county and state level to find out how local conditions affect yield. Learning which counties might have higher-than-anticipated yields allows you to plan your own harvest, including pricing, capacity, and supply-chain considerations across counties. Let CIBO’s county-level models help you make informed decisions for your farm and agribusiness. Compared to the USDA’s ten-year average, CIBO models currently predict the following yield percentage increases:

Predicted Corn Yields (bu/ac)*
Minnesota McLeod County
Illinois McLean County
Iowa Boone County
Indiana Decatur County
Nebraska Lincoln County
corn nov2021
peas icon
Predicted Soybean Yields (bu/ac)*
Missouri Monroe County
Mississippi Humphreys County
Illinois Champaign County
Iowa Bremer County
Indiana Jasper County
soybeans nov2021
vegetable icon
Predicted Cotton Yields (lb/ac lint)*
Alabama Madison County
Mississippi Coahoma County
Texas Lubbock County
Arizona Pinal County
Texas Nueces County
cotton nov2021
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Regional Elevators, Storage & Transportation

Accurately anticipate what’s coming, so you can plan more effectively.

Increase your value with early marketing to farms, counties and regions that can maximize your available capacity.

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Banks &
Ag Lenders

Evaluate risk, accelerate appraisals and craft new offerings based on the unique needs of your entire portfolio.

Gain insight into new markets, even when they are far away.

col icon 3 4

Buyers, Sellers
& Renters

Accurately gauge how your land acquisition targets are expected to perform this season.

Negotiate better pricing and terms based upon richer analyses backed by actual, objective data.

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Real Estate & Auction Houses

Accurately estimate the impact crop yields will have on your region’s crop prices and land value.

Provide complete field and parcel details to clients all in one place without having to hunt them down from county, state and owner registries.

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